COVID-19 Quarantine Announcement

11 January 2022

Dear Boğaziçi University Members,

Due to mounting cases of COVID-19, personal protection and staying away from crowded places have become of utmost importance. Below are the decisions regarding the course of the pandemic, quarantine rules that were taken at the last meeting of the Science Committee:

Boğaziçi University Latest Covid-19 Practices/Measures

4 December 2020


- Access to our campuses is possible with the HES Code integrated in the Covid Declaration Form:

- Students can enter the campuses between 08:00 and 19:00.

- Academic, administrative staff, students working in laboratories (with the permission of the responsible faculty member) and residents of the lodgings are allowed to enter the campuses without time limitation.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Güncel Covid 19 Salgını Uygulamaları

4 December 2020


·       Kampüslerimize giriş HES Kod entegre edilmiş Covid Beyan Formu ile mümkündür:

·       Öğrencilerimizin kampüslere 08:00-19:00 saatleri arasında girmeleri mümkündür.

·       Akademik, idari personel ile laboratuvarlarda çalışan öğrencilerin (sorumlu öğretim üyesi izni ile) ve lojmanlarda ikamet edenlerin kampüslere girişi saat sınırlaması olmadan mümkündür.

Important announcement on latest Covid-19 precautions

19 November 2020

Dear members of the University,

In line with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Circular issued subsequent to the decisions taken at the Presidential Cabinet Meeting on 17.11.2020, the Rectorate has decided to implement the following measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19 on our campuses.

1.      All classes held face-to-face on campus as well as all BÜYEM trainings will continue online until 31 December 2020.

2.      Our university dining halls will only provide take-away service, and it will not be possible to share a table in the cafeteria.

Regarding food cafeterias

3 April 2020

Effective 4.4.2020, campus food cafeterias will operate as follows:

Kuzey, Güney, Kandilli and Kilyos Campus cafeterias will serve lunch during weekdays as usual. Kuzey Campus cafeteria will continue serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weekdays and weekends whereas Kilyos and Kandilli Campus cafeterias will only serve lunch and dinner.

Kilyos and Kandilli Campus students and staff can pre-collect breakfast packages when they arrive for dinner service.

Güney Campus cafeteria will be closed during weekdays and continue lunch and dinner service during weekdays.

Message from the Rector - 31 March 2020

31 March 2020

Dear Students,

I am writing to inform you about the rigorous measures we are taking at Boğaziçi to deal with the COVID-19 threat and to brief you about the distance-education phase that will begin on 6 April. These measures were stepped up on 11 March, and we have been working ever harder since then. Our actions can be summarised under four main headings:

1.     Taking precautions to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading and from reaching our university,