Covid-19 Term: Leave of Absence application

3 June 2020

Dear Students, 
You can apply for a leave of absence during June 4-11, 2020 (Thursday 10:00 – Thursday 23:59) period. Your leave will not be counted toward your overall number of semesters.
On your BUIS page:
• Go to General/E-petitions
• Choose New Petitions
• Then choose Covid-19 Term Leave of Absence from Subject and click on Send.
• Your reques will go directly to the Registrar’s Office and will put into action. 
MS/MA* students who are registered in thesis (690) and Ph.D. students in Thesis status** (790) and unable to carry on with their thesis work need the consent of their thesis advisor. Their requests will be forwarded to the executive board of their institutes. 
Petitions of the Students of Executive and Other Graduate Programs (with additional tuition and fees) also have to go to the executive board of their institutes. 
There will be a second period for Leave of Absence applications between July 6-17, 2020 (Monday – Friday)

Prof. Dr. Naz Zeynep Atay Gök
Vice Rector